Urge your MP to protect kinship carers from benefit cuts


The Government has introduced legislation to restrict tax credits and Universal Credit to a maximum of two children per family and to reduce the maximum amount of benefits that families can receive – to £20,000 a year (or £23,000 in London).

Nearly 200 kinship carers wrote to their MPs to express their concerns about the impact these changes would have on kinship carers, especially those with large families. We were concerned that the cuts would be a big deterrent for people who might in future become carers for sibling groups, or who already have two children and are considering taking another. We are delighted to say that Ministers have listened to our concerns and agreed to exempt kinship carers from the two child limit. 

However Ministers have NOT agreed to exempt kinship carers from the benefit cap. From this April many families who receive more than £20,000 (or £23,000 in London) are likely to see their benefits cut.

This  is likely to affect thousands of kinship carers, and mean even more kinship carers struggling financially, and more children taken into care because family members can’t afford to keep them.

If you are unhappy about these proposals and would like to write to your MP to express your concerns, just enter your postcode below.